Software development for document automation.

What we can offer for you?

"ADEO Imaging OÜ" has a great experience in developing of image processing software for Windows. Our flagman application - "Multi-Page TIFF Editor" is just an example showing the quality of our development. Based on our experience in processing of TIFF, JPEG and PDF files, we can offer to develop a comlex document processing system for your company. The basic architecture of such a system could look like this:

Software development for document automation. Automatic image processing.

Input. The transfer of data or files for further processing. The following methods may be implemented:
  • Real-time monitoring of the directory. If a new file is detected then its contents are sent for processing.
  • The transfer of data or files from third-party software (e.g. scanner's software, e-mail clients etc.);
  • The transfer of data or files from external hardware. Usually each hardware has its own software so this problem is reduced to the previous two tasks;
  • Any other input methods can be considered for development.

    Processing. The following content can be automatically analyzed to start post-processing actions:
  • Analysis of the text content of PDF;
  • Analysis of the graphic content of files, including OCR (Optical Character Recognition ) and OBR (Optical Barcode Recognition);
  • Analysis of the comments (annotations) of TIFF and PDF files;
  • Analysis of the XML content of PDF files;
  • Analysis of the XMP content of TIFF files;
  • Analysis of the EXIF and IPTC content of TIFF and JPEG files;
  • Any other criteria can be implemented.

    Output. The following post-processing actions can be automatically performed:
  • Update initial files;
  • Extract data or pages to a separate file(s). Send file(s) by e-mail or anything else, if needed;
  • Update of external databases;
  • Any other actions can be considered for development.

    Please look at our client list and if you are interested in the idea of developing of a custom document processing software for your company, feel free to let us know:

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