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Multi-Page TIFF Editor  Test Report
Created by Microsoft Platform Ready Test Tool for Windows Server 2012 R2

Tool version:  4.5.5100    |    Report date:   01/26/2014 13:40:55   

Test Name:    Multi-Page TIFF Editor v.2.7.5
         Windows Server 2012 R2
  Test Environment Status
NameRequired ConfigurationConfiguration Status
  Windows Edition   Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard or Datacenter   Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard
  Version   6.3.9431 or later   6.3.9600
  System Type   64-Bit Operating System   64-Bit
  Virtual Machine Status   Virtual Machine on Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V   Virtual Machine on Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V
  Processors/Cores   4 or more      4
  System Configuration  
  Test Details
Mandatory Test CasesResults
1. Setup packages identified/installed

   All found application installers
      Multi-Page TIFF Editor.msi

   Install Log

2. Were all prerequisites configured during test?

    Prerequisites ListResults  
   Debugging setting: Kernel memory dumpPass  
   Firewall Pass  
   IPv6 Pass  
   User Account Control Pass  
   Windows Error Reporting (WER) Pass  
   Tester must not be running as Built-in\Administrator Pass  
   Test must be running under RDP session Pass  
   NetBIOS must be disabled Pass  
   Prerequisite Log

3. MSI package(s) validation

   Do the application Windows Installation packages receive any errors from the Internal Consistency Evaluators?  Pass  
   Is the Package Identity correctly configured?  Pass  
   Are nested install custom actions used? Pass  
   Are any Custom columns added to standard tables? Pass  

4. Did drivers pass boot time and run-time tests?

   Boot time tests     NA
   Run time tests     NA
   Driver verification log

5. Primary functionality validation

Questions and user responses  
  Exercise all Primary Functionality testsYes
  Executed all functionalities that interface with external devicesYes
  Exercised all device drivers installed by this applicationYes
During the above activities  
  System remained stableYes
  Application remained stableYes
  Testing completed without data lossYes
  Administrator had full control of server and service restartsYes
  All supported Windows Server 2012 R2 system features were available and not blocked from useYes
  The display mode of the system (if changed) has been revertedNA
  An antivirus application was continuously running and monitoring the computerYes
Other information   
   Critical failures must not be recorded in event log  Pass
   Crash/dump files must not be createdDump file(s)Pass
   Services should not be shutdown unexpectedlyServices listPass

6. Were all drivers installed by the application signed?

   File(s) list

7. Were services and drivers placed in safely referenced locations?

   Services Location  NA
   Drivers Location  NA

8. Were any binaries installed for this Component?

   File(s) list

9. Were 16-Bit binaries installed?

   File(s) list

10. Were all executables installed by the application signed?

   File(s) list

11. Did the application binaries have valid file version information?

   File(s) list

Optional Validations (Failures do not affect outcome of mandatory tests). For more information visit the Microsoft Platform Ready website. Results
12. Validation of Management Pack(s)

   Validation Log    File(s) List

Recommended Best Practice Test Cases for Application Development (Failures do not affect outcome of report. No waivers required.)Results
13. Does the application work properly in Safe Mode?

   Safe Mode Log

14. Does the Install finish without requiring a System reboot?

   File(s) list

15. Are OCX and DLLs placed under recommended location?

   File(s) list

16. Verify all application’s installers contain an embedded manifest

   File(s) list

17. Verify all application’s executables contain a manifest

   File(s) list

18. Verify all application’s installers and executables contain supported OS in manifest

   File(s) list

19. Does the application install any services running as LocalSystem that present UI?

   Service Log

20. Applications must not expose security attack surfaces


21. Applications must comply with Windows security requirements


22. Did the uninstall complete successfully?

   Uninstall successfully log

23. Did the application uninstall cleanly?
Uninstall cleanly log

Files remaining after Uninstall

File(s) remaining  EXE (0)  DLL (0)  OCX (0)

Changes recorded outside %programfiles%

File(s) remaining (0)


Registry keys remaining after Uninstall

Key(s) remaining  HKCR (0)  HKCU (0)  HKLM (4)  HKU (3)  HKCC (0)

All Files installed by application

File(s) added  EXE (3)  DLL (48)  OCX (0)


Changes recorded outside %programfiles%

File(s) added (3)

Registry keys added by application

Key(s) added  HKCR (0)  HKCU (0)  HKLM (43)  HKU (122)  HKCC (0)


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